Grand Slam Micro Crab Tan Size #8

Grand Slam Micro Crab Tan Size #8

Bonefish and permit loves crabs and crabs come in many sizes. This is our go to crab when a small crab is needed! Fish a Micro Crab when a delicate presentation is required. A slow strip or pop will get the attention of most Bonefish. One of the best smaller crabs out there! Also great for larger groups or schools of smaller permit.


Our Size 6 Micro Crab has the same body size as a #8, but is tied on a #6 hook.


Also available (Special order) with a lead eye.


New production of this fly is being tied as follows:

  • Bonefish - #8 is tied on #8 Tiemco 811S (lighter wire)
  • Bonefish / Permit - #6 as stated above is tied on #8 SL-11 3H 


The Gamakatsu SL-11 3H is one of the strongest and sharpest hooks available, and worth every penny when you hook-up with a fish of a lifetime!


Weed guard - (can easily be trimmed off if it is not necessary.)