Tarpon Toad Bunny Size #1

Tarpon Toad Bunny Size #1

The original design of the Tarpon Toad incorporated the rabbit strip tail as shown here, with a wide head/body designed for buoyancy, this design also tracks flawlessly. A slim or sparse pattern that has lifelike movement with the ability to sink very slowly, giving the angler more time to lead the fish. The Rabbit Strip Tarpon Toad will remain one of the best fishing flies for Tarpon based on its design...change up the color for your destination, water color. If you're in the Backcountry, this pattern shines for Snook and baby Tarpon.


We tied this fly on a Tiemco 600SP Hook ( which can handle tapon of any size anywhere in the world.) Super tough / super sharp, giving you the best chance at catching that Silver King of a lifetime!


  • Tan / White
  • Purple / Black
  • Black / Red
  • Chartreuse / Yellow

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